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For over 30 years, the name Webster has been synonymous with advancing the design of diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac catheters. The pioneer and developer of the first useful deflectable tip catheter, Will Webster, began this tradition of quality by listening to and fulfilling the needs of the physician. His guiding principles and philosophies resulted in advanced catheter designs that are known for their reliability and ease-of-use throughout the world today.

Using exclusive processes and patented techniques, Biosense Webster catheters are still handcrafted to precise and demanding specifications resulting in consistent quality and handling. Designed specifically for endocardial diagnostics and therapy, Biosense Webster catheters are available in various French sizes, curves and electrode spacings for a wide range of clinical applications and patient anatomies.

Over the past three years the Biosense Webster technology has become a world leader in software and hardware systems for three-dimensional cardiac mapping and navigation. The CARTO EP Navigation System and NOGA Cardiac Navigation System are both gaining popularity in their respective fields as systems that provide real-time data on three dimensional color-coded maps of the heart. These unique systems offer easy-to-use navigation and an unprecedented view into the workings of the heart.



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